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& Trauma Treatment Center

Our experience working with survivors of various kinds of trauma enables us to offer effective, individualized mental health care. We treat all aspects of trauma and many other mental health issues. All treatment is provided in a warm, non-judgemental climate where individuals can process and move beyond the trauma that has affected their lives.

Treatment Focus

We strive to help individuals heal from hurts of the past and trauma in the present. We help our clients let go of the pain and identify their inner strengths. This is achieved by listening to your concerns, developing an empathic relationship with you, and customizing a treatment plan based on your unique concerns and goals.

Our Client Promise

We promise to do our best to support, affirm and guide you as you  make your way to a place of healing, peace, and wholeness. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and become your very best self. 

Therapy at Phoenix

PTSD & Trauma

No one is immune from trauma. It can happen to anyone. In its wake, a person can be left feeling anxious, depressed, hopeless and feeling like they can never get past the experience. Sleep, appetite, and our ability to focus and be productive can be affected. We can help you overcome these and other symptoms as we assist and guide you through the grief and healing process.

Physical, Emotional & Sexual Abuse

Abuse within the context of an intimate relationship is domestic violence and it can take many forms. Every situation is different, but the damage can last a lifetime if untreated. It can effect our ability to trust and feel safe in the world as well as cause problems in other relationships. Through counseling, we can help repair the damage wrought by domestic violence. We can help you repair your self-esteem, gain a new perspective on relationships, and restore normalcy and peace to your life.

Grief & Loss Counseling

At some point, we are all going to experience a loss. We will all experience grief. It will be different for every person. But sometimes, complications can occur. We can develop symptoms such as anxiety, depression, problems with sleep, or turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with our despair. Or it might seem that we are stuck, unable to move past the pain of our grief. Through counseling and treatment, we are able to help you navigate the grieving process, make peace with your loss, and attain a new normal.

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