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Having lost two nieces to murder and facilitating the healing of clients who have also lost loved ones to senseless violence I know what being traumatized feels like. I also know what it does and doesn’t look like; how it affects your memory, your ability to think, to concentrate and comprehend. I am familiar with the emotional roller coaster of healing from trauma, how trauma causes you to question your feelings, your perceptions, and how it can even make you question if the feelings in your body are real or just in your head.

Let’s face it, trauma hurts. It can turn your whole world upside down, make you feel helpless, useless, guilty, and even ashamed. Yet, trauma can happen to anyone, at any time, and it can happen in an endless variety of ways. A car accident that leaves you crippled and dependent on others. The loss of a job you loved and the income it provided. The miscarriage of a pregnancy you hoped and planned for. Battery at the hands of the person who said they loved you. Sexual assault by someone you trusted. These are just a few of the ways trauma can hit your life like a lightning bolt.

Yet there is hope and help for those who have been touched by trauma, a tragic event or are currently experiencing trauma in their lives. In my twenty-nine years as a mental health clinician, I have worked with survivors of trauma and tragedy in multiple settings. Over the years I have developed the skills to help people handle and overcome panic attacks, depression, anxiety, insomnia, grief and co-occurring physical symptoms that often result from traumatic events.

Based on my belief that one size does not fit all, the therapy you receive at Phoenix Counseling & Trauma Treatment Center will be customized to you; to how you think, how you learn; and based on your personal values. Utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and other techniques, a treatment plan will be customized to you. And always, the focus will be on your needs, your goals, and your healing from the particular trauma or tragedy affecting your life.

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