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Solution-Focused Therapy

Oftentimes, it is more effective to find a solution to a problem than to do a lot of focusing a how the problem developed, when it developed, what caused it, how long it has existed, etc., etc. For some clients, delving into the details of the problem is not as important as finding a solution. In these cases, Solution-Focused Therapy is often the best approach.

For example, a parent is feeling lost, empty and useless because all of their children have left home.  The client is the classic “empty nester” and needs to find a new meaning and direction in their life.  Solution-Focused Therapy would be a good fit for this client because the approach assumes that clients hold within themselves elements of the solution to their problems. While Solution-Focused Therapy is a collaborative type of therapy, the therapist intervenes only as needed and will utilize a series of precisely constructed questions to identify the client’s strengths and resources to help them identify solutions they would like to use to achieve their objective.   

Solution-Focused Therapy is different from other kinds of therapy in that it focuses on finding solutions instead of dwelling on the problem.  Very little time is spent on exploring the client’s past or psyche and therapy is focused on the future.  Solution-focused therapy is usually short term therapy, lasting six weeks and sometimes less.

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